Sunday, May 10, 2015

Should I Quit My Job So I Can Take Care of My Children Full Time?

Women make a lot of tough decisions in their lives. One of the toughest one yet is deciding on whether to quit job so they could take care of their children full time?

Here are some anecdotes from some people I have talked to regarding this issue.

" I work in the corporate world before but I left my job to take care of my children. My husband earns enough to cover all the costs so I could stay home to manage the family" Sara L.

" After getting married, I only worked for 3 years. Right after having my first child, I left my job because I couldn't bear to send my baby to other people's homes to care". Izah, 38 .

" Before this, my husband and I were both very busy with our respective jobs. The children were left at the day care centers from morning until evening. We felt guilty leaving them that way so after much discussion, we decided that I should quit my  job to care for the children" Eva, 40.

" I am not highly educated. I used to work as clerks before I got married. After I got married, I couldn't afford to send my kids to day care centers. So, I made the decision to stay home for them"
Veronica, 28.

" I will never leave my job because with proper planning I can still manage both sides of my life"
Ena, 28.

" As a full time housewife, I would not recommend any already working mothers to quit their job if they think that will make life less stressful for them. Being a stay at home mum is the most stressful job in the world. At least at work you get to talk to your friends and colleagues but at home, full time housewives tend to be secluded from the rest of the world" Fazz, 42.

" Don't quit your job if you can still find a solution. Plan and manage your times well. Get as many helps as possible from family members and friends. Raising children is never easy. Thats why we need friends and family members around" Ana , 35.

" I left my job 20 years ago when my girl was 2 years old. My husband left me 4 years ago. My eldest daughter has just graduated. She will start her own family soon. I have only the matrimonial home to my name. I hope my daughter will be kind enough to take care of me". Eliza, 52.

" I left my job 15 years ago. My sons are now in college. Soon they will graduate and start their own families".

" In 2010, I took the decision to quit my job because my husband's job requires us to travel to many parts of the world every 5 years or so. So, by quitting my job it was easier to uproot" Maz, 43.


Mother's Day Celebration

I am unusually quiet this Mother's Day.  My family members and friends are busy talking about their Mother's Day Celebration. Our Wassap Groups are teeming with images and messages about Mother's Day. I logged on to Facebook earlier and my walls were full of Mother's Day posts.

What am I doing on Mother's Day? Nothing much actually because I don't even feel like celebrating it in the normal ways other people would celebrate it; with much food, drinks, joy and merriment. We have had two festive weekends with relatives and friends coming over for dinners. This is a quiet weekend that I wish to savor in a mother's day contemplative mood.

Its 5.0 pm. I finally can sit uninterrupted to start this blog. The children are playing happily outside. So, the best thing I could think of doing today is to relaunch a new blog after nearly 4 years of not writing anything. I have been wanting to sit down and write something for so long but I could never find the time. So, I am claiming this short window of available time specially for blogging.

Since I have not been writing for so long, ideas do not flow so freely. So, to complete this post, I will just add the message with some modification that  I wrote for all the mothers in my family who by the way have gone through a lot of things this year.

My Thoughts on Mother's Day
I am quiet on Mother's Day because like most mothers, I am feeling very tired today.
We might not even have the times or energy to go out to celebrate it in a special way. Taking the decision to be a mother is the bravest decision any woman can make that will change her entire life. Becoming a mother is a very challenging and risky job. Your husband, your children, the well being of all family members all depends a lot on you.It is a job that never ends and because it never ends we get to be so good at doing everything without taking a break. When we do take a break, everyone will bother you.  I had a very strong and hardworking mum. I owe all of my strengths and tenacity to her. I just can't fathom how she managed to do everything she did without ever breaking down.
To all my fellow mothers, may this day reminds us to constantly rededicate our life to God and to pray for continuous strength, wisdom and patience. Our journey through life as mothers is a long, long one.There will always be drama, joys, laughter and tears . There will always be happiness and disappointment.  We need all the love, the mercy and grace from God to make it through. As mothers, we live and we die for God.